Attract Women Easily with the “Desire” System?

Dr. David Tian is rarity in the Pick Up Artist Community in that he holds a PHD. He currently is the head of Aura Dating Academy in Singapore which aims to teach men how to attract women in a way that puts the man squarely in charge of the pace things including how soon sex is involved.

The home program sold by Dr. Tian is known as the “Desire” system and I had the opportunity to recently sample the system. My verdict is that there are some truly game changing ideas in this program, but it requires the user to think at a more advanced and deeper level about themselves to maximize your results. “Desire” is much different than a standard program teaching you how to be cocky and funny (for example). I give it a buy recommendation at the $67 asking price if you are willing to do the deeper self-analysis and more complicated thinking during the program which is required, you will likely experience some great breakthroughs.

 My Dr. David Tian Desire System Review

 Desire is basically a very bare bones sequence of videos which feature Dr. Tian lecturing in what appears to be a classroom set-up. I wouldn’t categorize Dr. Tian as an elite speaker which actually works in his favor. He comes across as very emphathetic to the issues befalling many men as they suffer through disappointment and heart breaks which likely lead them to spend the money to attend seminars or buy programs.

 What are the Fundamentals of Dr. Tian’s “Desire” Which Make It Unique?

 Without infringing on his right as the creator to protect his material and sell it for gain, the program is very simple. It teaches you the value of being emotionally honest ie why you feel what you feel and to be proactive in changing the anchor which causes you to feel the way you do. If I have one criticism of the course, I think it should have gone even deeper on the emotional honesty information. Suffice to say Dr. Tian believes strongly that how men view themselves plays a huge part in whether they can take effective action interacting with women.


 I’d say the Desire program does a good job of emphasizing the need to stop wasting energy “trying” to “be” confident. Instead you learn that honest vulnerability is confidence and power.

Where the Program Really Shines

The program is not heavy social tactics but what it gives you is easy to remember (always important if you want to actually make use of it). The home run benefit of “Desire” is combining the power of mirror neurons with basic social approaches. It all comes back to the concept of honesty. You’ll see what I mean, but needless to say I have found this particular aspect of the program to be highly effective and perhaps even groundbreaking.

 My Overall Grade For Desire System

With the stuff on mirror neurons, I couldn’t possibly give it any lower than a B plus. With a price of $67 (much less than what you’d pay to attend an Aura seminar), you have an A minus grade, only missing a straight A because Dr. Tian didn’t talk enough about how to practice emotional honesty in a way that helps you be more attractive. Otherwise, this program has exciting concepts that worked when I put them to use.

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